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Pictures from the World's Largest Burrito at Rengstorff Park

May 3, 1997

Click here to read article I wrote for the SF Bay Guardian about the burrito.
Click here to see a page with all the pictures. Its pretty big so you should only do that if you have a fast connection. Otherwise click on the links below to see individual pictures. Click here to SIGN the Burrito Guestbook
World's Record Sign on Rengstorff
Early view of the park
Another early view of the park
Table Manager's Briefing
Johnny Guitar
The Bud Girls
Ballet Folklorico
Empty Tables waiting to be filled
Table Managers getting ready
Ramon working up the crowd
Weighing the beans and rice and other good stuff
Rolling out the paper
Rolling out the foil
Laying out the tortillas
Laying out the filling
People Filling the burrito
Sour cream
More sour cream
Wrapping the burrito
The Tortilla Sign Man
Measuring the burrito
Measuring person at the half way point
Me with the burrito
Me eating the Burrito
Far away view of the burrito
The Remnants

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